Do You Have Critters Camping Out in Your Garage?

Holes in rotten wood or loose panels are the typical breaches that allow animals to make there way into a garage, which is why it is best to get these repairs made quickly. Often, animals such as raccoons  opossums or chipmunks will seek out dark, quiet places when they are nesting–and getting ready to have little ones. Sometimes, however, they simply get in when the garage door is open, through the ill fitting trim under your door and when the garage is left unattended for too long.

While unwanted guests can pose a funny or awkward predicament, occasionally, they can also be dangerous. In the case that you find yourself in over your head, the wisest thing to do is to call a professional to help you. Never put yourself at risk by confronting a wild animal that behaves in a threatening manner. Call your non-emergency police line, and they will give you the best solution (in some cases, they will send a squad out to come and remove the animal). If the animal is small and non-threatening (such as a chipmunk), you may convince her to leave by merely leaving some lights on, and turning on a radio. Pest control specialists are also an option.

As they say in the healthcare profession, “Prevention is the best medicine.” If your garage door needs a repair, get it taken care of as soon as possible. It keeps you, your pets, your neighbors, your home, and your garage safe and sound!

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