Garage Door Springs and Cables

Replacing garage door springs can be very tricky, not to mention, dangerous. When they break, it’s best to call an experienced garage door technician to replace them straight away–before you get hurt. When one spring breaks half of the garage door becomes dead weight. You will not be able to open it.  It is always best to replace both springs because the second one will also break soon. 

Brothers Garage Door can always be counted on to solve the problem quickly and efficiently; saving you the trouble of doing it yourself. It’s a task that is better left to the experts, and saving a few dollars is definitely not worth risking your life.

Note: If you go to open your door and the opener will only raise it a foot and stop, close the door. From inside the garage, check the spring for a 2 inch gap in either one. If their is a gap in either spring call a professional. 

Cables: Do a visual inspection. If the cables appear to be frayed do not touch. Call a professional for replacement.