Its not very often that I call or email a company in regards to good service or a good product, however, after the work on my garage door was completed, it was clear to me that your company is truly an exceptional business that goes above and beyond, rather then just simply offering the bare minimum or going for the deep pocket.

Our story began on Sunday night when our 16 year old son backed into the garage door, setting it back a good foot into our garage. My opinion was that the garage door was savable and only a few parts would need to be replaced, in short, this was a job that would require more labor then parts, however, after the quotes started coming in, some as high as $1500.00, it was apparent to me that many businesses were out to sell me on a new garage door and as many parts as possible driving up the cost of the job to shocking levels.

Bob at Brother’s Garage Door confirmed to me that he could save the door and work with me on salvaging as much as possible in an effort to keep costs to a minimum and did just that. With the final bill coming in below the estimate (far below any other) and the workmanship involved all add up to one VERY satisfied customer that will recommend you to any and all who ever need garage repair or service and will definitely contact you when I need to purchase a replacement door or opener.

Robert Buth : Waukesha, WI