What’s That Red Cord For?

Hmm. You have no power, and you need to open your garage door. Now what?

Pulling the emergency release handle disconnects the garage door from the garage door opener, which allows you to open and close the door manually. The emergency release handle is located at the end of a red rope that hangs from the garage door opener rail, near the top of the garage door. Keep in mind that now the door is heavy, so please be careful. To make sure the door does not come crashing down on you or someone else, locate a vice grip, and place in the track before the rollers to keep them in place. Only use this method if you or someone is trapped in the garage, and needs to get out. Remember that safety comes first, so call a professional if you’re able.

Caution for the DIY (Do It Yourself-er)

Safety First

Garage doors are potentially dangerous because they are the heaviest moving object in your home! There are over 23,000 serious accidents in our country every year involving garage doors, including some fatalities. At Brothers Garage Door Sales we emphasize safety education and recommend yearly inspections and maintenance.

1. When the garage door is moving, never stand or walk under it. Wait until it has stopped moving. Make sure someone is close by in case of emergency.

2. Self-Installations can be risky. At Brothers Garage Door Sales we recommend using trained and experienced installers. However, if you do install it yourself, be sure to take care in reading and following the manufacturer’s instructions.

3. An out-of-balance door can increase the risk of accidents. Cables and hardware are under high tension and if ignored or improperly handled, can result in serious injury. Use a trained service person to adjust or repair cables and hardware.

Do not be afraid to call us. The small investment you make to hire a professional is a small trade in exchange for your safety.

Year   CPSC Report of Garage Door Related Injures*
2010   20,809
2009   20,382
2008   20,017,
2007   19,943
2006   18,781
2005   19,228
2004   19,767
2003   20,005
2002   19,370
2001   20,421
2000   19,608
* CPSC Numbers are generated on a sampling of designated hospitals.  Real figures could be higher, or lower.  The categories tallied include automatic garage door and garage door openers.

Hey Honey, I Blew Up The Garage!

Actually, kids of all ages make mistakes–and sometimes it’s Dad who tries to show everyone how dangerous fireworks can be and improperly lights–and launches the fireworks–right into the garage door, which certainly can cause damage.

The good news is that many times when such errors occur, all that is required is a repair that might take a few hours. True, there are some cases that require the garage door to be replaced, but this is something that can be quickly assessed and addressed. Just call us up, and we’ll be right over. Remember that accidents will happen. The most important thing is that you and your family are safe and sound.

Feel free to tell us about your garage story we just may post it. brothersgaragedoor@gmail.com

Do You Have Critters Camping Out in Your Garage?

Holes in rotten wood or loose panels are the typical breaches that allow animals to make there way into a garage, which is why it is best to get these repairs made quickly. Often, animals such as raccoons  opossums or chipmunks will seek out dark, quiet places when they are nesting–and getting ready to have little ones. Sometimes, however, they simply get in when the garage door is open, through the ill fitting trim under your door and when the garage is left unattended for too long.

While unwanted guests can pose a funny or awkward predicament, occasionally, they can also be dangerous. In the case that you find yourself in over your head, the wisest thing to do is to call a professional to help you. Never put yourself at risk by confronting a wild animal that behaves in a threatening manner. Call your non-emergency police line, and they will give you the best solution (in some cases, they will send a squad out to come and remove the animal). If the animal is small and non-threatening (such as a chipmunk), you may convince her to leave by merely leaving some lights on, and turning on a radio. Pest control specialists are also an option.

As they say in the healthcare profession, “Prevention is the best medicine.” If your garage door needs a repair, get it taken care of as soon as possible. It keeps you, your pets, your neighbors, your home, and your garage safe and sound!